Android 11 New Features – 11 Most Exciting Features! (Updated)

Google released Android 11 Developer Preview, which comes up with a lot of amazing features, including visual changes, additions to enhance user’s security, & support for Foldables & 5G.

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Android 11 will be going to Release it Beta Version in May & Official Version Rollout in Q3 2020.

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Top 11 New Features in Android 11

1- Notification shade: Large gaps separating Conversations, Standard & Silent

Dedicated Conversations, Standard & Silent Section in the Notification Trays is the most useful feature of Android 11.

It is a 3 Times Faster & Cleaner than the Previous Android Notification Conversations.

2- Notification history available with quick shortcut

Notification History Setting in Android 11 brings up the Notification Log, where you can check the missed notifications.

3- Bluetooth in Airplane Mode

Bluetooth is important for wireless headphones. However, Airplane mode switches off Bluetooth on all Android Devices.

On Android 11, Bluetooth will remain on in aeroplane mode if it is connected to a wireless device. 🙂

In Short, Turning on Airplane Mode No Longer Disconnects the Bluetooth

4- Chat ‘Bubbles’ Feature Like Facebook Messenger

Chat Bubbles allow multitasking & socialising with apps without needing to close the current app.

Similarly like Facebook messenger chat heads, this Android R feature lets you minimize any app into a short circle that hovers on your screen above all other apps.

android 11 bubble

5- Scheduled Dark Theme

Android 11 Users can now schedule the dark mode Easily.

You can either set a custom time or have an Android shift between dark & light mode based on sunrise/sunset time

android 11 dark theme

6- In-Built Screen Recorder

You will get the Native Screen Recorder to Instantly Capture Screen Recordings on Android 11 without using any third-party app.

Unfortunately, There are no additional settings to change the video resolution & audio quality.

7- Share Menu Pin apps

In Android, Share Menu Change Categories every time we reopen the App.

But In Android 11 Beta, You can pin up to 4 Apps in the Android Share Menu.

8- Multi-coloured Quick Settings Tiles

Android 11 update allows users to add various colour codes to each quick setting icon.

You can set 4 colours – red, yellow, blue, & green.

android 11 r

9- One Time App Permissions

Google is added New App permission option called “Allow only this time” in Android 11.

This new permission option is only available when asking for Location, Camera, Microphone Permissions.

android 11 permissions

10- Scrolling screenshots

Android 11 has Finally Added Scrolling Screenshot Feature in the Latest Android 11.

There is Nothing New in this Feature, You Might See this Feature already on Oxygen OS, MUIU & Other OS from Android 9.

11- Increase touch sensitivity

Android 11 has added option called ‘increase touch sensitivity” which allows you to increase the sensitivity of your touchscreen.

If you use a glass screen protector, you will love this Feature.

Final Words

Comment Below Your Favorite Android 11 New Features which you Like the Most!

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