12 Best MUST HAVE Apps for Android

Hey, Fellows Today We Are Sharing 12 Must-Have Apps for Android of 2021.

12 Best Apps for Android of 2021: –

So here is the list of best Apps of this Month Below: –

1- Filterbox – Pro Notification Manager

Filter is the Pro Notification Manager which allows you to Restore the 20 recent notification you dismissed back to the system notification.

Keep all notification history in a timeline.

2- Via Browser – Fast & Light (Just 1 MB)

Via Browser - Fast & Light
Via Browser - Fast & Light
Developer: Tu Yafeng
Price: Free

Via Browser is one of the fastest & lightest browsers with a size of around 1MB, it loads the websites faster than Google Chrome.

3- Super Status Bar – Change Brightness with Gestures

Super Status Bar App offers swipe gestures to the area around the status bar of your Android Phone.

If you want to Increase/Decrease the Brightness of your phone, Just Swipe Left or Right on the top of the Screen. 🙂

4- Almighty Volume Keys: Powerful remapper

Almighty Volume Keys Allows to Set the Different Commands & Actions on the Hardware Volume Buttons rather than just changing volume!

For example: –

  • volume Up turns on the flashlight
  • Long Up skips music track
  • Up > Up Starts recording sound (Record sound)
  • Down > Down > Down mutes sound
  • Control music (play/ skip track/ pause/ previous track)
  • Turn on & off-screen auto-rotation
  • Turn on & off Do Not Disturb

5- SplitCloud Double Music – Play two songs at once

SplitCloud is the music player that allows you to share your headphones & listen to 2 different songs at once.

If you ever had to share headphones with your partner or friend, this app is really useful!

6- One Shade: Custom Notifications & Quick Settings

One Shade App offers to replace your phone notification drop-down menu with a new, fully customizable version.

  • Full-Color Customization
  • Advanced Notifications Features
  • Themes Inspired from Android 10
  • Advanced Music
  • & Much More

7- Face Pause [Pause apps with Face Detection]

Face Pause App Offers to Pause Anything you are doing when you are not looking at the screen & continues it when you look back.

It stops any Video or Game when you are not looking at the screen.

8- Aroundsound Audio Recorder

Aroundsound Audio Recorder Allows you to Record Sound with Just 1 Tap from your Quick Settings Tiles Notification Panel. 

9- Cover – Auto Hide/Cover NSFW Content

Cover is the photo & video private vault which helps you to Automatically Detect Sensitive Images & Hide Them 24/7.

10- Eon Music Player (Clean & Free Music Player)

Eon Music Player
Eon Music Player
Developer: qmsapplications
Price: Free+

Eon Music Player is a clean, highly customizable & one of the most decent Material Design Music Player.

11- WolPepper – 4K Wallpapers & Background App

WolPepper App Offers 200 Thousand Wallpapers from Unsplash with HD, QHD & 4K Formats for Free.

12- Fluid Navigation Gestures

Fluid Navigation Gestures
Fluid Navigation Gestures

Fluid Navigation Gestures Apps Offers Navigation Gestures of Android 10 on Any Phone for FREE.

Final Words

I Hope You Like this Must Have Android Apps!

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