42 Best Indian Web Series to Watch Right Now

Hey, Guys Today We Are Going to Share the List of 40+ Best Indian Web Series to Watch Right Now!

best indian web series to watch right now

Top 41 Best Indian Web Series Right Now (January 2021)

So here is the list of Best Hindi Web Series of India Right Now: –

1- Aarya (Hotstar)

IMDb Rating: – 8.3/10

Genre: – Crime / Drama / Thriller

Storyline: – Aarya joyful family life is endangered when desire consumes her loved ones. With crime as her legacy, can she escape from what she avoids the most?

Release Date: – 19 June 2020

Watch Aarya Trailer

2- Illegal – Justice, Out of Order (Voot)

IMDb Rating: – 7.8/10

Genre: – Thriller

Storyline: – An unrealistic lawyer is trapped in the dark world of criminal law. 2 cases (1 about the death penalty for women in India, the other about s*xual harassment in the office) show how out of order the justice system can be.

Release Date: – 12 May 2020

Watch Illegal Trailer

3- Asur: Welcome to Your Dark Side (Voot)

IMDb Rating: – 8.9/10

Genre: – Thriller / Drama

Storyline: – A psychopath killer with a puzzling philosophy deep-seated in Indian belief is on the loose. 2 criminological officers from the CBI are set to catch the serial killer but with a twist of luck, they get caught in a frightful situation.

Release Date: – 2 March 2020

Watch Asur Trailer

4- Paatal Lok 18+

IMDb Rating: – 7.6/10

Genre: – Crime / Drama / Thriller

Storyline: – A cynical inspector is tasked with investigating a sensitive-profile case which leads him into a dark empire of the underworld.

Release Date: – 15 May 2020

Watch Paatal Lok Trailer

5- Special OPS (Hotstar)

IMDb Rating: – 8.8/10

Genre: – Thriller / Spy fiction

Storyline: – Special Ops is an Indian spying thriller series of India’s biggest fight against terror! 6 Terror Attacks, 1 Mastermind.

Release Date: – 17 March 2020

Watch Special OPS Trailer

6- The Family Man (Amazon Prime)

IMDb Rating: – 8.6/10

Genre: – Thriller / Drama

Storyline: – Srikant Tiwari is a middle-class man who also works as a spy. Srikant attempts to balance his familial duties with the needs of the highly undercover special cell of the National Intelligence Agency to Save his Country from Terror Attacks.

Release Date: – 20 September 2019

Watch The Family Man Trailer

7- Bekaaboo 18+ (ALTBalaji)

altbalaji best indian adult thriller webseries

IMDb Rating: – 8.3/10

Genre: – Thriller / Suspense / Adult

Storyline: – Kiyaan Roy’s the erotica novel author sets out to explore his dark fantasies with an anonymous girl. But situations turn out to be wilder than his imagination & he ends up at the edge of losing everything right from his career, reputation, family & fiancee.

Release Date: – 2 August 2019

Watch Bekaaboo Trailer

8- Madhuri Talkies (MX Player)

madhuri talkies best indian web series

IMDb Rating: – 9.8/10

Genre: – Romance / Revenge Thriller

Storyline: – Madhuri Talkies is a Crime Web Series of Varanasi & Mughalsarai, where crimes against women & political cruelty rule the city. 1 man sets forth on an intensely personal mission to revenge the love of his life.

Release Date: – 17 January 2020

Watch Madhuri Talkies Trailer

9- Boss –  Baap of Special Services (AltBalaji)

boss altbalaji best web series of india

IMDb Rating: – 8.2/10

Genre: – Action / Thriller / Suspense

Storyline: – When the crime rate rises beyond frightening levels in Shimla, a new Task Force is Locate. A specialist from Delhi Police, Kohli, is invited to join the task force & solve cases of murder with his mind games & sweet talks.

Release Date: – 2 August 2019

Watch BOSS Trailer

10- Sacred Games 18+ (Netflix)

sacred games 2 best indian web show

IMDb Rating: – 8.8/10

Genre: – Crime / Conspiracy / Thriller / Mystery

Storyline: –A link in their past leads a good cop (Sartaj Singh) to a criminal gang boss (Gaitonde), whose mysterious signs push the officer on a quest to save Mumbai from disaster.

Release Date: –28 June 2018

Watch Sacred Games 2 Trailer

11- Apharan 18+ (AltBalaji)

apharan popular indian web series

IMDb Rating: – 8.4/10

Genre: – Crime / Thriller / Mystery / Suspense

Storyline: –  Apharan is based on the 70s period with great suspense & mystery. A cop Rudra who was falsely arrested up in jail for 3 years. The Web Series is all about the secret of the murder of a kidnapped girl.

Release Date: – 14 December 2018

Watch Apharan Trailer

12- Breathe (Amazon Prime Original)

breathe best hindi web series

IMDb Rating: – 8.4/10

Genre: – Crime/ Drama / Thriller

Storyline: – 2 extreme & ambitious men must battle in the cat & mouse game to save the one they love.

Release Date: – 26 January 2018

Watch Breath Trailer

13- Ghoul (Netflix MiniSeries)

ghoul netflix indian horror web series

IMDb Rating: – 7.1/10

Genre: – Horror/ Thriller

Storyline: – When a new prisoner at an army detention center shows ghostly behavior, a junior interrogator’s search for the truth becomes a fight for survival.

Release Date: – 24 August 2018

Watch Ghoul Trailer

14- Mirzapur 18+ (Amazon Prime)

mirzapur best indian web series

IMDb Rating: – 8.5/10

Genre: – Crime / Thriller / Action

Storyline: – Tripathi made millions by exporting carpets & became the mafia boss of Mirzapur. His son Munna, an undeserving, power-hungry heir, stops at nothing to maintain his father’s legacy.

Release Date: – 16 November 2018

Watch Mirzapur Trailer

15- Criminal Justice (Hotstar)

criminal justice web series india

IMDb Rating: – 8.1/10

Genre: – Crime / Thriller

Storyline: – Criminal Justice is one of the Best Indian Web series based on Criminal Justice by Peter Moffat.

Release Date: – 5 April 2019

Watch Criminal Justice Trailer

16- College Romance 18+ (Youtube / Netflix)

college romance best web series of india

IMDb Rating: – 9.1/10

Genre: – Comedy / Drama / Romance

Storyline: – College Romance is a story of 3 BFFs- Karan, Trippy & Naira who fall in love & their hilarious romantic stories take off.

This show excellently portrays the life of a college student! 😈 

Release Date: –7 August 2018

Watch College Romance Trailer

17- Made in Heaven

IMDb Rating: – 8.3/10

Genre: – Drama /Romance

Storyline: – It is the story of 2 wedding planners in Delhi, where tradition hustle with .ern aspirations against the backdrop of big Indian weddings revealing many secrets & lies.

Release Date: – 8 March 2019

Watch Made in Heaven Trailer

18- Kota Factory (Youtube)

IMDb Rating: – 9.1/10

Genre: – Comedy / Drama

Storyline: – Kota Factory is the India’s first ‘Black & White’ show shows the problems present-day IIT-JEE students face in their day-to-day lives.

Release Date: – 16 April 2019

Watch Kota Factory Trailer

19- Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega (Netflix)

jamtara hindi web series india

IMDb Rating: – 7.5/10

Genre: – Crime / Drama

Storyline: – A group of young men silently run a profitable phishing operation from a little village, until a corrupt politician wants a part of the profit, & a cop wants to fight it.

Release Date: – 10 January 2020

Watch Jamtara Trailer

20- Rangbaaz (Zee5 Original)

rangbaaz best web series india

IMDb Rating: – 8.6/10

Genre: – Action / Crime/ Biography

Storyline: – Rangbaaz is a web series in which it set against the rough history of the Gorakhpur of 1990

Release Date: – 2 August 2019

Watch Rangbaaz Trailer

21- Booo Sabki Phategi (AltBalaji)

booo sabki fategi web series comedy

IMDb Rating: – 7.2/10

Genre: – Horror Comedy

Storyline: – Manav & his childhood friends reunite at his hotel for a romantic celebration. But All their romantic plans take a dangerous turn, when they realize that their holiday resort is haunted.

Release Date: – 27 June 2019

Watch Booo Sabki Phategi Trailer

22- Hello Mini 18+

hello mini best indian thriller web series

IMDb Rating: – 7.3/10

Genre: – Thriller / Drama

Storyline: – A thriller series of an Independent Girl, living apart in Mumbai. A stalker who has been tracing all of her moves while trying to attain control & authority over her life

Release Date: – 11 October 2019

Watch Hello Mini Trailer

23- Afsos (Amazon Prime Video)

afsos dark comedy web series

IMDb Rating: – 7.7/10

Genre: – Dark Comedy / Thriller

Storyline: – Nakul’s goal in life is to end it. After many failed suicide tries, he pays for his death. Upadhyay, a deadly assassin, is hired to get the job done, but Nakul has a change of heart. He decides to live. Though Upadhyay never leaves a job canceled, & a cat and mouse hunt happens.

Release Date: – 6 February 2020

Watch Afsos Trailer

24- Leila (Netflix)

leila netflix best series

IMDb Rating: – 4.6/10 (I don’t why it has low Ratings?)

Genre: – Future Sci-Fi / Drama

Storyline: – In the future 2040s, the nation of Aryavarta is governed by Dr. Joshi. The nation is divided into communities separated by high walls & is subject to strict disconnection. Water & clean air have become luxuries.

A woman searches for the daughter that she lost upon her capture years ago.

Release Date: – 14 June 2019

Watch Leila Trailer

25- Broken But Beautiful (AltBalaji)

broken best india web show

IMDb Rating: – 9.1/10

Genre: – Romance

Storyline: – Broken is an Altbalaji Original Web Series that revolves around love, heartbreaks & never-ending romance between 2 persons.

Release Date: –27 November 2018

Watch Broken But Beautiful Trailer

26- Inside Edge (Amazon Prime)

inside egde web series

IMDb Rating: – 8.1/10

Genre: – Thriller / Drama / Sport

Storyline: – The Mumbai Mavericks are playing their 6th season in the power play league. When the team gets a new owner, the environment in the team changed destructive. Desire & fame come to the fore.

Release Date: – 10 July 2017

Watch Inside Edge Trailer

27- Abhay (ZEE5 Original)

abhay zee5 original web series

IMDb Rating: – 7.8/10

Genre: – Crime / Thriller

Storyline: – Inspired by true events, it revolves around Abhay Pratap, a keen investigative officer with the mind of a gangster, who can go to any limit to solve a case.

Release Date: –7 February 2019

Watch Abhay Official Trailer

28- Smoke (Eros)

IMDb Rating: – 8.7/10

Genre: – Crime Thriller

Storyline: – Set in Goa, Smoke shows the dark web of drugs, mafia, & power. With the cartels at war, who will remain?

Release Date: –26 October 2018

Watch Smoke Trailer

29- Code M (AltBalaji/ZEE5)

IMDb Rating: – 8.6/10

Genre: – Mystery / Drama

Storyline: – Army lawyer, Monica Mehra, gets to solve an open & shut case of the death of an army officer & 2 militant prisoners, killed in an encounter.

Release Date: –15 January 2020

Watch Code M Trailer

30- Fixerr Ab Game Badlega (ALTBalaji / ZEE5)

fixerr web series hindi

IMDb Rating: – 8.4/10

Genre: – Action / Thriller / Suspense

Storyline: – Inspector Maalik, who is blamed for killing a gangster’s wife during the encounter & gets suspended. Then Maalik takes his own way to punish the criminals by fixing with their murderers to kill them.

Release Date: – 7 October 2019

Watch Fixerr Trailer

31- Bard of Blood (Netflix)

bard of blood netflix web series of india

IMDb Rating: – 7.1/10

Genre: – Spy Thriller

Storyline: – RAW agent Kabir Anand, a brave investigator & a sleeper agent, take on a secret mission in Balochistan when 4 Indian spies are caught; the mission soon turns tropical & Kabir must face his brutes from the past.

Release Date: – 27 September 2019

Watch Bard of Blood Trailer

32- Samantar Hindi (MX Player) – Similar Like Sacred Games

samantar hindi web series

IMDb Rating: – 8.6/10

Genre: – Mystery / Thriller

Storyline: –A young man Kumar Mahajan, whose life changes after he goes on a mission to find Sudarshan Chakrapani, a man who shares the same destiny with him.

Release Date: –13 March 2020

Watch Samantar Teaser

33- Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala (AltBalaji)

Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala web series

IMDb Rating: – 8.4/10

Genre: – Romance / Drama

Storyline: – Destiny brings ex-lovers Nithya, Indie head chef, & Vikram, a Michelin Star chef, together after 8 years. Memories of the love return along with the pain of the past.

Release Date: – 3 September 2019

Watch Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala Trailer

34- Bhaukaal (MX Player)


IMDb Rating: – 8.3/10

Genre: – Crime

Storyline: – SSP Naveen Sikhera, who washes the city of Muzaffarnagar filled with criminals. The city is in a state of chaos & absolute disorder. 

Release Date: – 6 March 2020

Watch Bhaukaal Trailer

35- The Test Case (ALTBalaji)

the test case

IMDb Rating: – 8.6/10

Genre: – Action / Drama

Storyline: – As a test case for female soldiers in the Indian Army, Captain Shikha Sharma conveys a lot of weight on her shoulders. From doing well in warfare training to fighting gender preference, on-base politics, & media, she will do anything to fit in.

Release Date: – 26 January 2018

Watch The Test Case Trailer

36- The Forgotten Army (Amazon Original)

the forgotten army web series india

IMDb Rating: – 8.1/10

Genre: – Action / Drama / History

Storyline: – The Forgotten Army Shows the Journey & Sacrifice of Lieutenant Sodhi & his army fight for Indian Independence during World War 2 as part of the Indian National Army.

Release Date: –24 January 2020

Watch The Forgotten Army Trailer

37- Hostel Daze (Amazon Prime Video)

hostel daze web series india

IMDb Rating: – 8.9/10

Genre: – Comedy / Drama

Storyline: – 4 friends have adventures in an engineering hostel in India. Peppered with foolishness, chutzpahs, conflicts & disasters inherent to hostel life!

Release Date: – 2 August 2019

Watch Hostel Daze Trailer

38- Delhi Crime (Netflix)

delhi crime netflix

IMDb Rating: – 8.5/10

Genre: – Crime / Drama

Storyline: – Based on a Delhi gang-rape case, this series shows the Delhi Police investigation into the finding of the men who committed the crime.

Release Date: – 22 March 2019

Watch Delhi Crime Trailer

39- Bang Baaja Baarat (Youtube)

IMDb Rating: – 8/10

Genre: – Comedy

Storyline: – 2 people from very various backgrounds fall in love & choose to get married, but not without their parent’s permission. 3 days before the wedding they introduce each other with their parents & all hell breaks lose.

Release Date: –4 November 2015

Watch Bang Baaja Baarat Trailer

40- Bose: Dead/Alive (AltBalaji)

bose web series best

IMDb Rating: – 9.1/10

Genre: – Historical Period Drama

Storyline: – The host talks about the story behind Subhas Chandra Bose’s alleged death.

Release Date: –20 November 2017

Watch Bose: Dead/Alive Trailer

41- Poison

IMDb Rating: – 6.3/10

Genre: – Thriller / Action

Storyline: – After getting freed from jail, Ranveer moves to Goa to get revenge on his enemies. And DSP Vikram sets his eyes on Antonio, a gangster who works from Goa. The plot sets when the lives of these 3 men are twisted.

Release Date: –19 April 2019

Watch Poison Trailer

Final Words

I Hope You Liked this Top 41 Best Indian Web Shows to Watch Right Now!

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  1. IMDb Rating: is bakwas….paid rating.
    Leila : 4.6— WTF…. its should be 9.0.

    Boss – Baap of Special Services–ASSHOLE director.

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