19 Most Useful Websites on the Internet [2021]

Hey, Fellows Today We are sharing the 19 Most Useful Best Websites of January 2021.

These Websites are very Unique & Useful for Everyone

19 Most Useful Best Websites on the Internet of 2021

Here is the list of Most Useful Websites below: –

1- Jotti.org (Scan File Instantly)

Jotti.org Website Allows you to Quickly Scan any suspicious file or email attachment for Viruses or Trojans.

No Need to Sign Up or Install Requried!

2- FileChef.com (Direct Download Files)

If you are searching for a specific movie, mp3, apk, pdf or any other file.

Just Go to FileChef.com, Select your category, Enter Your Search Keyword & you will find direct file links of almost every file in the form of an index.

3- Autodraw.com (Automatically Create Drawings by AI)

Create freehand Drawings & it will magically convert into excellent drawings powered by AI Machine Learning.

4- YouConvertIt.com (Convert Files Online)

YouconvertIt is the File Converter Website in which you can upload any media file format & change it into another format for Free.

It’s Supports Almost All Kinds of Formats.

No, Sign Up or Installation Required!

5- Privnote

Privnote Allows You to share notes & information that self-destructs immediately after it is read!

6- PDFescape.com (Edit PDF Online)

PDFescape allows you to instantly edit a PDF File or PDF form online without using any PDF App.

7- Fast.com (Check Internet Speed)

Go to Fast.com & It will Immediately show the current speed of your Internet connection

8- 10MinuteMail.com – Temporary Email for Verification Code

10MinuteMail.com gives you a Temporary Email Address that will Expire in 10 Minutes.

This is really useful on websites/apps that require Email Address Validation, etc.

9Savefrom.net (Download YouTube Videos on your device)

SavefromNet Allows You to Download Youtube Videos Directly in your Gallery.

Just Paste the Video Link & It will show you Download Options in Various Formats.

No App or Software Required.

10- reverse.photos  or TinEye.com (Find Similar Photos)

With Reverse Image Search, you can instantly find similar photos from around the web

11Photopea.com (Instant Online Photo Editor)

Photopea.com allows you to Create or Edit Existing Photos Online for Free Instantly.

You can save files out as JPG, PDF, RAW, PSD, XCF, XD, etc.

12- CoinBase.com (Earn Crypto While Learning)

CoinBase.com is CryptoCurrency Website that is offering to Earn crypto while learning about crypto.

13- DuckDuckGo.com (Google Search Alternative that doesn’t Track You)

Duckduckgo is a clean google search Alternative that doesn’t track you on the Internet.

14- Noisli.com (Ambient Noises)

Noisli allows you to Listen to Ambient Noises to help you increase focus & boost productivity.

15QRCodeScan.in (Scan QR Code without Any App)

QR Code Scanner Website Allows You to Scan any QR code Quickly without installing any third-party App.

16CopyChar.cc (Copy Emojis Quickly)

Copy Emojis & special characters Quickly with just 1 Tap that is not on your keyboard.

?? ??‍? ??‍?  ??  ?  ??‍? ❤ ? ☠

17- Dictation.io – Type with Your Voice

Dictation.io Website offers you to type with your Voice. For Example:- You can Write Emails & Reports.

Dictation carefully transcribes your speech to text in real-time.

18- Homestyler.com (Re-.el Your Home in 3D)

HomeStyler Website allows you to design or re.el your home in 3D for FREE of Cost.

19- PDFDrive.com (Download PDF Books for Free)

PDFDrive Website Allows you to download pdf file of the latest books for Free.

Final Words

I hope you liked these 19 Useful Websites on the Internet of 2021.

Comment below if you have any Questions or Queries!

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