17 Most Useful Chrome Extensions You Should Try (2021)

Hey, Guys Today We Are Sharing Top 17 Most Useful Chrome Extensions You’ve Never Heard Of!

After a Lot of Research on Google, I have found 17 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity that I think You should Know.

I have personally Installed & Tested this Chrome extension.

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17 Best Chrome Extensions (January 2021)

So here is the list of Top 17 Best Chrome Extensions of 2021: –

1- Improve YouTube (42+ Useful Features)

ImprovedTube offers you 42+ Useful Features for Youtube which will make your Watching Experience Better & Saves a lot of time.

  • Change youtube’s player Size (Resize Youtube Video)
  • Forced Volume & Loudness normalization
  • Adblocker for blocking Ads
  • Dark theme & Black theme
  • Blue-light filter (For Relaxing Eyes)
  • Hide Elements (distraction-free)
  • Reverse YouTube Playlist & Shuffle Playlist
  • Customize Player Shortcuts/hotkeys
  • Extra Player Buttons- Loop (Repeat), Screenshot (Save current Video Frame), & Rotate Video
  • Pop-out Player (“always-on-top” is only possible through an app or your OS)
  • Night .e- Schedule more enjoyable viewing at night time

improved youtube chrome extension


2- Midnight Lizard

Custom colour themes for all websites – night .e, blue light filter, dark theme, screen shader, grayscale, high contrast, etc.

  • Choose between dark, grayscale or colourful colour schemes
  • Use different colour schemes on each website
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation & hues
  • Improve accessibility and readability
  • Increase contrast to make the text more comfortable to read
  • Apply blue light filter to shift all colours towards the red light
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to enable extension on the current website- Alt+Shift+L  & globally- Alt+Shift+M

midnight lizard best chrome extension

3- Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot Allows to Capture all or part of any web page Screenshot.

Add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info & Save/Share Directly with 1 Click.

It even lets you record your screen for a screencast too.

awesome screenshot chrome extension


4- Betternet  (Free Unlimited VPN)

Betternet VPN allows you to Unblock any Website & stay anonymous while browsing the Internet.

  • Free VPN service forever (No Ads)
  • No credit card Required
  • No Registration or Login Required
  • No log is saved from no user
  • 1 tap to connect VPN

betternet top chrome extension free

5- Grammarly

Grammarly Chrome Extension Allows you to Fix Writing errors & Find the right words to express yourself.

You will get ideas from Grammarly as you write on Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog Post & everywhere you find yourself writing.

I am personally used this Grammarly Premium Extension for Writing Blog Posts Correctly without Any Grammatical Errors.

grammarly best chrome extension


6- Hover Zoom+

Zoom images/videos on all your favourite websites (FB, Reddit, Amazon, etc). Just float your mouse over the image to enlarge it.

Fly your mouse over any image on the supported sites & the Hoverzoom+ extension will automatically expand the image to its full size.

best chrome extension 2020

7- Adblock Plus – Free Ad Blocker

Block YouTube/Website Ads, Pop-ups & Stop Malware!

The Adblock Plus Chrome Extension is the ad blocker which allows to Block All Annoying Ads from Blogs & Youtube!

  • Block annoying video ads & banners Ads
  • Block pop-ups
  • More privacy
  • Remove destructive malvertising that can hide in ads
  • Faster browsing (as Ads are blocked)
  • Whitelisting Site

adblock google chrome extension

8- LastPass – Free Password Manager

Keep your passwords in 1 place & login to accounts automatically!

LastPass is the Free Password Manager which allows to saves your usernames and passwords.

It will auto-login to your websites & sync your passwords everywhere you need them.

  • Store login usernames & passwords
  • Checkout fast by adding credit cards for Shopping
  • Save any data file you need to keep secure
  • Manage everything from a single, searchable vault
  • Add, edit, view, delete & organize your passwords easily

lastpass chrome extension

9- New Tab Page by turns your Google Chrome New Tab Page into a personal productivity dashboard.

You will have immediate access to all your bookmarks, to-do lists, news feeds, web services & notes.

This will help you stay organized & productive to save time on the internet. best chrome extension

10- Todoist (Organize Work & Life)

Organize work & life with Todoist Extension for Chrome

Todoit Allows you to organize and plans on projects.

  • Plan your day- organize your tasks for the day right from the extension
  • Capture & organize tasks the moment they came into your head.
  • Remember deadlines with reminders & due dates.
  • Prioritize your tasks with priority levels.

cool chrome extension

11- Evernote Web Clipper

Clip Whole Web Pages, Just the Part of text or bookmarks & read them later!

With Evernote Web Clipper Extension, You can CLIP any webpage, HIGHLIGHT valuable information, Comment, take SCREENSHOTS, & have access to that data whenever & wherever you need it.

evernote chrome extension

12- OneTab

Save up to 95% memory & reduce tab clutter

When You Have Too Many Tabs Opened, click on the OneTab to convert all of your tabs into a list.

You can access the tabs again by either restoring them individually or all at once.

onetab best chrome extension

13- Pushbullet

Pushbullet connects your devices (Android to Chrome/Firefox/Windows), making them feel like one.

Manage All your Android Phone notifications on your Chrome Browser Including Phone Calls, WhatsApp Messages & Text.

You can also Send Links & Files between Your Devices with Pushbullet.

pushbullet chrome android

14- The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender is a lightweight extension to reduce chrome’s (PC) memory by suspending tabs automatically.

If you have a lot of tabs open at the same time & have not been viewed after a long time will be automatically stopped in the background.

the great suspender


15- Google Translate

Google Translate Extension Allows you to Highlight or right-click on a section of text & click on the Translate button next to it to translate it to your language.

You can also translate the entire web page you are visiting, click the translate button.

google translate chrome extension

16- Instant Dictionary

Instant Dictionary extension lets you instantly look up the definitions of words or phrases, by double-clicking a word or clicking on the extension button.

17- Pocket

Pocket Extension allows you to Save Posts, Web pages, images & videos for your reading or watching later.

With Pocket Extension, all of your content goes to 1 place, so you can view anytime on any device.

You do not even need an Data/Wifi Connection.


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Final Words

I Hope You Enjoy Reading this Top 10 Best Chrome Extension Article.

Do Let me know in the comments if you want Part 2 of this post.

Comment Below Which Chrome Extension is Useful For You! Thank You 🙂


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