TOP 10 Face Filter Apps like SNAPCHAT for Androids

Now it’s year 2021, here are several brand-new apps similar to Snapchat that have got their way into the year with a smack. You can even try these apps for your enjoyment pictures & chat sessions with family and friends.


Face filters are a new trend! All appreciation to Snapchat and its famous filters that make you look very creative online.  This new huge trend in selfie-taking also helps you discover new friends, let your crush knows how beautiful you look with the help of its auto-destructive features moreover helps you to gather more followers. It became a photo & video sharing app that has created a wave worldwide.

In case you are bored and want to try Snapchat filter alternatives then here are a few of them that are perfect proxies for Snapchat. Are you set to have some serious pleasure and excitement by animating your own face using filters? If yes, then check out the list below and get astonished !!


Slingshot is an app that has a camera like a Snapchat filter that is more like a feature-rich immediate messenger app. Being depth with Snapchat you can send a text message that is temporary, share videos or images with your friends and family.

You can even react with images or videos by creating a doodle or taking a fashionable picture as a comment. This makes this app stand out. Once you snap a photo or video, you get two options. You can either choose to ‘reshoot’ your photograph or draw if you are fine with it edit and send.

It has got a simple and straightforward User Interface to make it stand out in the crowd.

YouCam Fun

YouCam Fun is the ultimate tool to turn your boring iOS camera into a artistic photobooth, real-time video effects and fun backgrounds! including live filters for your photos. Add  silly, fun and spontaneous live effects & filters to your photos and videos. Share, save and swap with your friends through social media!

You can use your camera to take photos and videos with live stickers. There are plenty of sticker filters, including hairstyles, animal filters and costume. Take pre-existing photos and make them pop with fun stickers. Use frames, effects, layouts themes and backgrounds to make your selfies sparkle. Give your photos lighting effects like Light Leak, Scratch, Grunge, and more. Bring out your wild side with animal filters. Transform into a snow, leopard, tiger, cat, deer, and more. Give your photos the flair that they need to make them glow.

Download YouCam Fun today and let your creativity take control.

Download Youcam Fun App

Wickr Me

Wickr Me one of the great Snapchat filter alternatives. It presents the users with an encrypted text, videos along  image messaging with full control for the user. Just like other apps you get a shredder function that permanently excretes all erased videos, images, and messages.

Wickr Me also contains unique graffiti, stickers, and filters like Snapchat while taking photographs. One drawback is that all its stickers and filters are not that appealing like Snapchat. In terms of security, Wickr stands upright and can discover your partner either by entering their name or by importing the existing contact details. The app is free for your iOS or Android for free.

Download Wickr me App

       Clipchat – Clone of Snapchat

According to some reviews, it was concluded that Clipcaht is a clone of Snapchat, as it functions almost like Snapchat. It too involves self-destructing images and videos with a simplistic touch. However, Clipchat resembles to be different for it has a better user interface and firmer speed for sending or receiving messages.

Also, it let users search for a friend using Facebook, username, email, etc. It has got a mesmerizing visual display and does not permit taking a screenshot.

When you send a photo via Clipchat, the receiver first gets a blurred preview of the image but once you click it, an animation effect making the image clear and no longer blurred. Clipchat basically is set to video-sharing. Clipchat works high on security. For instance, if you are using high-end iPhones, it lets you know if you attempted to take a screenshot.

Download Clipchat App

Instagram – The most Trending App


Every one of us knows Instagram as an app for sharing of photos. It is not exactly similar to Apps Like Snapchat Filters. However, it is an equally excellent alternative for Snapchat. It has built-in camera filters for use and selection and supports “story” and “Live” functions.

Apart from this, Instagram does not contain the function for disappearing photos, videos, text, unlike Snapchat. It produces an excellent quality image and authorizes users to upload as many images and videos on its database. But its limitation lies in the fact that it contains chosen filters and does not have face templates.


Another in the list of filter apps similar to Snapchat is Snow. Here all the users can design and share amazing videos with motion stickers. Snow app can likewise be used to interconnect with the others via its chat function. While in conversation with your friends, create animated GIFs which are delightful.

If you wish to categorize your story, then you get the “My Story” feature. Its appearance and functions are really acknowledging. You can use pleasant motion stickers.

Download Snow App

Cyber Dust


Cyberdust is a very useful instant messaging filter app like Snapchat that lets you send encrypted messages or attachments send delete them within minutes. It maintains privacy, leaves no trace of encrypted security. The User interface is although quite clumsy.

Not only pictures, but you can also transfer stickers, GIF, web page URLs that get vanished in no time. You have got ample of filters like Snapchat to edit the images with text or stickers. You can even destroy the message for various persons. You will be informed if someone tries to capture the screenshot of the images you have sent.

Cyberdust is one of the best apps like Snapchat filters with amazing features locked under its cover. With Cyberdust you can send pin-sent messages to remember the conversations.

Download Cyberdust App

Youcam Perfect


YouCam Perfect is an image-enhancing app for Android. The app’s creator is Perfect Corp., a company known for using AI and AR technologies to provide different services to customers. These services include Virtual Makeup tutorials, AI Product Reference, AR Skin Diagnostic, and much more. The company’s YouCam Perfect app uses these technologies to provide a portrait beautifier, which enhances skin tone, makes your face look thin, and your eyes look wide. The selfie camera and photo editor also feature dozens of frames, auto-embellishment, and filters. Cooperative with Android, the YouCam Perfect app download is also available on iOS.

Download YouCam Perfect App

MSQRD (Masquerade)


A startup from Belarus has started with an innovative concept of face tracking application — a fun app with face filters. One day Facebook called with an offer to take Cinderella to the faraway Silicon valley, and they did. The sum of the acquisition has not been disclosed, but one can guess the number of zeros. Polished and evolved, MSQRD is now a part of Facebook face filters, but the original app deserves the spot in the list.

Banuba: Face Filters & Effects


We may be biased, but we hope to grow our face filters app into the best combinations of selfie experiences. You can transform yourself into an astronaut, celebrity, or hipster. See yourself skydiving, on a beach, try on glam accessories, most crazy hairstyles, and whatnot. Already now, we’ve designed over 1,000 AR masks for the past two years. AR effects for different audiences — girls, boys, and even your kids. Fun, beauty, scary, full-face masks, thematic, e.g.Christmas, Love, Halloween, etc.

Realistic virtual try-on (glasses, jewelry, hats, etc.). AR objects act like real ones throwing light, shadows, and supporting physics. This app has an Effects feature with triggers, e.g. open your mouth to start an effect. We support 5 triggers: smile, open mouth, frown, Photo or video post-processing, eyebrows up, and eyebrows down here. Apply filters to already designed images.

Download Banuba App

Wrapping Up!

So, this was the list of some wondrous Instant Messengers that are more of Snapchat alternatives 2021. They offer to send self-vanishing messages like Snapchat. In case you think we have missed out on any feel free to mention it in the comments below.

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