16 Best ULLU Web Series – Watch Now!

Hey, Guys Today We Are Going to Share the List of Top 16+ Best ULLU Web Series of January 2021!

best ullu web series online watch free

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18+ Best ULLU Web Series to Watch Online Free (2021)

So here is the list of 15 ULLU Web Series Below: –

1- The Bull of Dalal Street

the bull of dalal street web series ullu

best ullu web series 2020


IMDb Rating: – 8.2/10

Genre: – Drama

Storyline: – Harshil Mehra gambles off his entire wealth in the share market. With his evil thoughts & magnetic personality, he became a huge bull in a short period. Unluckily, big success brings big consequences.

Release Date: – 21 February 2020

Watch The Bull of Dalal Street on MX Player


2- Khul Ja Sim Sim

khul ja sim sim best ullu web series 18+

IMDb Rating: – 6.8/10

Genre: – Comedy

Storyline: – Simran’s desires got broken when she found out about her husband’s insufficiency. Men get fascinated by her charm, & a criminal wants to marry her!

Release Date: – 17 January 2020


Watch Khul Ja Sim Sim on MXPlayer

3- # Metoo – Wolf of Bollywood

metoo wolf of bollywood web series

IMDb Rating: – 8.1/10

Genre: – Suspense / Thriller

Storyline: – Karan Mathur is a successful investment banker planning his wedding with his office lover Avantika. However, his Friend ‘Sana’ Suicide at his Wedding. Karan Mathur tries to figure out the actual criminal behind the evil.

Release Date: – 19 July 2019

Watch #Metoo Wolf of Bollywood on MX Player

4- Tadap (ULLU Originals)

ullu originals web series tadap

IMDb Rating: – 8.1/10

Genre: – Romance / Drama

Storyline: – A Love story based in a town of West Bengal caught in the old tradition, where a girl sacrifices all for her love. To become a free soul, both choose a way & quickly face a lot of troubles.

Release Date: – 20 December 2019

Watch Tadap Trailer

5- Charm Sukh (All Episodes)

charm sulh best ullu web series 18+

IMDb Rating: – 7.1/10

Genre: – Bold / Drama

Storyline: – Archana has a desire to marry a handsome man & have a fascinating 1st night. She got blessed & married with the person, but the 1st night turns in to the most dangerous dream of her life. 

Release Date: – 13 March 2020

Watch Charm Sukh Episodes on MX Player

6- Riti Riwaj (Water Wives)

ullu web series riti riwaj

IMDb Rating: – 8.0/10

Genre: – Drama

Storyline: – While Rural India is still bearing from a lack of Water, men are marrying several times to be able to collect more water. Lack of sufficient water & desires hiding this unusual tradition.

Release Date: – 17 March 2020

Watch  Riti Riwaj (Water Wives) Trailer

7- Dance Bar

dance bar ullu web series adult 18+

IMDb Rating: – 6.4/10

Genre: – Suspense / Thriller

Storyline: – A Business Tycoon (Dhanraj Shikhavat), shows his love for the bar dancer (Ayesha), he finds himself in an unusual situation as Ayesha puts out 3 conditions to get laid with him.

Release Date: – 15 February 2019

Watch Dance Bar on MX Player Free

8- Size Matters (ULLU Originals)

ullu originals web series 2020

IMDb Rating: – 6.1/10

Genre: – Comedy

Storyline: – Manpreet craves to satisfy her love with the size of pleasure, Akash (inadequate husband) involuntarily does things which he could not control & hurts the Trust of his Wife, Manpreet.

Release Date: – 16 August 2019

Watch Size Matters Trailer

9- D-Code ( Deewangi )

d-code ullu web series online watch free

IMDb Rating: – 7.1/10

Genre: – Drama

Storyline: – Meera may be a pretty wife, but her romantic activities are not enough to satisfy her husband, so she asks help from her mom. Then, her life changed by the advice, & the effect has thrilled her husband.

Release Date: – 25 October 2019

Watch D-Code on MX Player

10- 26 January

26 january web series ullu

IMDb Rating: – 4.8/10

Genre: – Suspense / Romance/ Thriller

Storyline: – An ATS officer ‘Ved’, on a secretive mission, has to choose between his Country & Love when he discovers that his lover ‘Insiya’ is a mistrusted terrorist.

Release Date: – 8 October 2019

Watch 26 January on MX Player

11- 3G Gaali Galoch Girls

3G Gaali Galoch Girls web series comedy

IMDb Rating: – 6.5/10

Genre: – Comedy

Storyline: – 3 girls: Sexy Aaliya, Bold Simran & Pretty Madhu are flatmates as well as best friends. Discover their lusty adventure’s with their bold partners.

Release Date: – 1 July 2019

Watch 3G Gaali Galoch Girls on MX Player

12- Auction (ULLU Originals)

auction ullu web series 18+

IMDb Rating: – 7.1/10

Genre: – Drama

Storyline: – A story of selling virtue of teens on a huge price to big business man’s. This Auction business is owned by an evil lady who can cut the throat of anyone who disrupts his work.

Release Date: – 2 March 2020

Watch Auction Trailer

13- Singardaan

Singardaan ullu web series adult

IMDb Rating: – 6.3/10

Genre: – Romance

Storyline: – Gupta falls in love with a prostitute (Shabnam). She has a makeup box. When Shabnam dies, Guptaji brings the box to his house. Unfortunately, The box turns his wife & daughter into a prostitute. 

Release Date: – 20 January 2019

Watch Singardaan on MX Player

14- Mona Home Delivery

Mona Home Delivery ullu originals web series

IMDb Rating: – 7.1/10

Genre: – Horror/ Thriller

Storyline: – Explore the journey of a prostitute (Mona). Due to Poverty, She Started Home Delivery Services to his Clients.

Release Date: – 21 June 2019

Watch Mona Home Delivery on MX Player

15- Panchali (ULLU Originals)

ullu originals panchali

IMDb Rating: – 5.7/10

Genre: – Suspense / Drama

Storyline: – A woman takes a path of compromise on her personal will. She makes a family among 4 husbands & 1 child. Although, the 5th brother is a town educated person & rejects to support this tradition

Release Date: – 24 May 2019

Watch Panchali Trailer

16- Ganika (Mini Web Series)

ganika ullu web series watch online

IMDb Rating: – 5.9/10

Genre: – Drama

Storyline: – After being in a long relationship, a guy chooses to propose his girl for marriage. But the proposal night turns into a big breakdown for both.

Release Date: – 8 October 2019

Watch Ganika on MX Player

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Final Words

I Hope You Liked this List of Top 16 Best Ullu Web Series 300mb Online for FREE!

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